Win a tiny homestead in Oklahoma!

How would you like to live off the land, grow your own food, and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in your own tiny house here in Oklahoma? Better yet, how would you like to be able to do all that AND be completely mortgage free? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, this will be a reality for one lucky contest winner.

Ruthardt Tiny Homestead frontal view.

The Ruthardt Tiny Homestead is an 8 acre property owned by Matt and Casey Ruthardt, which they share with their two boys Tucker and Tasher. The Ruthardt Homestead is located in Binger, Oklahoma, and sure would be an amazing place to call home.

I got the opportunity to view the Homestead and to meet the Ruthardt’s during their open house. I was completely mesmerized by the Homesteads breathtaking beauty. They built their tiny 700 square foot home themselves from the ground up so they could be mortgage free and live a more simple life. Now they have decided to minimize even more and live on the open road.  In an interview with News Channel 4, Matt said, “We plan on spending our winters on the beach and our summers in the mountains.” And their boys will be “road-schooled.”

Casey Ruthardt had the idea to have an essay contest instead of selling their home. Matt and Casey say they really want to inspire other people and hope to help someone else also live a more simple, mortgage free, and debt free life.

The winner of the contest will become the new owner of the 8 acre property, and the home, along with all the furnishings.


A view of the front porch. Doesn’t it look inviting? I can picture myself sitting on the porch for hours with a glass of ice tea and watching the kids play in the yard.

Look how cute this is! Here you can see the front door and the stairs leading to the upstairs loft room. They have used the space so well! Check out that bookcase and the wood burning stove.

Here you can see the upstairs loft. I’m in love with this room! It’s so…PERFECT! Again, wonderful use of space. With two beds, bookshelves, and a closet, there is plenty of room for the kiddos.

Perfect size master bedroom located on the main level of the house. Large enough for a queen bed, 2 night stands, and a dresser.

The very spacious bathroom has a toilet, shower, vanity, closet, and also includes the laundry area.

Laundry area inside the bathroom.

When entering the home through the front doors you will walk into this lovely living room, which can hold more people than you would think. While I was touring the homestead there were several people doing the same thing, and we were able to easily move throughout the home.

Oh this kitchen! Again I’m in love with this room of the house! I might just have to hire the Ruthardt’s to decorate my home for me!

Amazing Oklahoma sunset from the front porch of the homestead.

Here is a view looking at the back porch of the home.

The luscious garden has raised beds and produces some beautiful vegetables. There is also room for expansion if desired.

Chickens! Did I mention that the Ruthardt’s are including their livestock as part of the winnings as well? How wonderful would it be to not only grow your own fresh veggies but also have fresh eggs!?

The Ruthardt’s essay contest will make one lucky winner’s dreams come true. To enter the contest you will need to write a 200 word essay on why you want to win the tiny homestead. Official rules and guidelines for the contest can be found on the Ruthardt Tiny Homestead’s website. You can also follow their Facebook page HERE for updates and to see what’s going on at the homestead.

I’m so excited to follow the Ruthardt’s through their journey, not only through this contest but as they hit the open road as well. And I cannot wait to see who will win this fantastic tiny homestead! Good luck everyone!


With permission from Matt and Casey Ruthardt, all photos used in this post are from the Ruthardt Tiny Homestead Facebook page, @RuthardtTinyHomestead


    1. Thanks Mandy! This place is SO stinkin’ cute!! I LOVED visiting with the Ruthardt’s and touring their homestead!

  1. Angi Hopwood

    Awesome post! What a cute house love the chickens and the garden!!!

  2. Really cute house. I love the garden.

    1. Yes!! The garden is amazing! I could spend hours in the garden!

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