Best Okie shirts around!

A few weeks ago as I was getting ready for my day, I realized I needed new clothes, BAD! I was standing in my closet looking for something comfortable and practical to wear, yet I couldn’t seem to find a single thing to put on! I stood there staring…this shouldn’t be hard. A simple shirt is all I needed for my errand filled day. Grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up kids, head to soccer practice…you know all the normal mom stuff.

All I wanted was something comfortable and simple to wear, yet my shirt selection was very limited. I had work shirts with company logo on them, dressy shirts, and of course several things that didn’t fit me. (Clothes that don’t fit but for some reason I hold on to…). UGH! I ended up throwing on a 3/4 sleeve button up shirt and I was uncomfortable the rest of the day. I decided I really needed to invest in some regular t-shirts!

During my grocery shopping that day I decided to hop on over to the clothing section to see what I could find. I ended up spending way too long looking for a few shirts, couldn’t find anything I really liked, and felt the price tag was too high for what they had to offer. I left without purchasing any t-shirts and I was very irritated by the whole thing. Finding a few t-shirts shouldn’t be this hard. Time was precious this day so I couldn’t make a trip to a department store or mall. Now I’m not much of a shopper anyhow, and this was turning into a hassle. I was getting no where on my quest to find some comfortable t-shirts to wear.

“Perfect to size and comfy material!” – Shawna Roberts

A few days later I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an ad for the Oklahoma Shirt Company, and noticed they offered a monthly t-shirt service. I looked around a little bit, I really liked their designs, but for some reason I didn’t sign up at that time for the monthly shirt. Then just the next day I saw a friend of mine on Facebook who posted a picture of herself in her new shirt from the Oklahoma Shirt Company and she raved about how much she loved the shirt, I immediately went to their website and subscribed so I could also get a brand new shirt every month!

 Here is what I LOVE about the monthly shirt subscription:

  1. AFFORDABLE The monthly shirt subscription is totally affordable! It’s only $10 a month for a brand new shirt delivered straight to you every single month! ($13.04 with shipping and handling.)
  2. OKLAHOMA PRIDE In case y’all didn’t know I LOVE my home state of Oklahoma, I am a true Okie through and through, and I love to show my Okie pride! These shirts are all Oklahoma themed shirts, with a new design every single month!
  3. SUPER CUTE All of the shirts are really cute and go great with shorts, leggings, or jeans!
  4. UNISEX These shirts are for both men and women!
  5. COMFORTABLE These t-shirts are unbelievably comfortable! They are so soft and just perfect!

The Oklahoma Shirt Company offers shirts of all sizes. This means entire family can enjoy these shirts and show off their Okie pride. My entire family loves the shirts, and we have fun wearing our shirts together as a family!

My kids all have their own shirts to show their Oklahoma pride, but as you can see from the photos they like to wear mine!

Something else that really made me love these shirts even more is the wonderful people who work at the Oklahoma Shirt Company. They have a small staff of 14 and they have all pretty much been friends since high school. As their website states, the Oklahoma Shirt Company started as an idea on New Year’s Even in 2012 and by January 2013 the company was born!

I reached out to Amy Wopsle, Customer Evangelist for the company, and was shocked by the quick response that I received. Amy was so nice and was able to answer all my questions.

“We love our customers and pride ourselves on creating community and helping people love their state!” – Amy Wopsle, Customer Evanglist, Oklahoma Shirt Company

After signing up for the monthly subscription, you will receive a special welcome shirt along with the shirt of the month! Members also get a super secret code that will allow them to purchase previous months shirts. Trust me there are several awesome shirts to choose from! You can sign up to receive these amazing shirts HERE!

I would love to see photos of everyone in their monthly shirts form the Oklahoma Shirt Company, so please feel free to share! Leave your photos in the comments below!

Me rockin’ my shirt from the Oklahoma Shirt Company! These are my new favorite shirts! I love them all!
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