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Few simple ways to squeeze in a date

Are you constantly running? Never have time to relax and spend some much needed time with your spouse? Between work, chores, paying bills, grocery shopping, soccer practice, dinner making, and many other things that always seem to have my attention, I don’t feel like there is ever time to spend with my significant other. We both love our kids dearly and actually don’t mind all the crazy running around most days, but I have realized recently that my husband and I hardly ever just spend some good ole’ quality time with each other. Well, I decided I was going to fix that! Because let’s face it…date nights are IMPORTANT!

Now I know some of you reading this have just thought, “How am I going to fit in a date night?” or maybe, “We can’t afford a date night.” Well I’m here to tell you that YES you can fit in a date and YES you can afford it! Guys, having a “date” and spending some quality time with your spouse is a MUST and doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. What is important is that you actually take just a little bit of time to spend with each other and discuss adult things, enjoy each other’s company, and reconnect.

Here are a few simple ideas for a quick “date” with your spouse:

  1. Dinner – A dinner date is always a good idea, but it doesn’t always have to be at a 5 star restaurant that costs an arm and a leg. Try something simple like a small town diner or make dinner at home! Send the kids off to a friends or grandmas house and have a nice dinner at home. Leave the TV off and enjoy a nice conversation.
  2. Picnic – If the weather is nice throw a few sandwiches together and go for a picnic.
  3. Walk – Take a short walk with each other and discuss your day. You will be amazed how much you can talk about in 15-20 min.
  4. Drive – Take a drive and enjoy the scenery.
  5. Grocery shopping – Yep. I said it. You can spend time together at the grocery store. Leave the kids at home and do the shopping together. (This may not be the ideal date, but you at least get to spend some time alone together.)
Driving through Minco, Oklahoma.

Yesterday after work my husband had to meet someone in Chickasha, OK, which is about an hour drive from our house. I had planned on staying home with the kiddos when I realized I could take advantage of this situation. My daughter was with a friend and it was just my boys at home so I decided I was going to go with my husband and squeeze in a date! My oldest son is 14 and leaving the kiddos home alone for a couple hours wasn’t going to hurt a thing! We drove to Chickasha and goofed off along the way. We blasted the radio and jammed out to a ton of different music. (I think my husband’s hearing is probably even worse now since I was using my cell phone as a mic and did karaoke the entire way! HA!)

We took in the scenery and talked about everything and nothing at all. While Danny was meeting with his friend I turned to google and looked up some unique places to eat in Chickasha. We went to J& W’s Grill for a quick bite and we really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t fancy and it wasn’t expensive, but we got to hang out and spend some much needed time with each other. On the way home we pretty much kept the radio off (I think he was tired of me attempting to sing.) and we talked about what our plans were for the weekend, discussed some bills, and a lot of other random things. It was a very nice evening! We weren’t dressed up, we didn’t spend more than $20 on dinner, and we got to have some alone time.

Remember, date nights are important! There is always something you could do to spend more time with your spouse, and I believe this is very important for a healthy marriage and a happy family! Get creative! And try to make time for a quick date at least once a month if not more. There are always deals on Groupon, like doing a couples massage, or a nice evening out.

I would love to hear other unique date night ideas, please comment below and let me hear them!


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